Accepting new clients

We are now accepting new clients across various dimensions, including creative and athlete talents from the 30A, panhandle community, Central Florida, and greater Southeastern regions. 

In the news current events

Our voice overs are separate from the current news events.

Skyvoice®️LLC voiceovers are different than the reference in the news whereas a well known and well paid actor‘s voice were allegedly used other than the actors desires. Simply, that was not us.

Our agency aligns with the talents desires. While AI has hit most industries quickly, and possibly have a place, we mention this here because we are a boutique talent agency that prefers authenticate human talents for the creative arts as form of human creativity and human expression.

We support the efforts to protect human actors, talents, and human created voices. Our mission is to align human talents and desires to organizations they want.

   Disclosure: We are cheering for those very high profile actors (we admire your work) and organizations in the news advocating to protect their talents from that AI use and let us know if you want a supportive space from us. Contact us.


Talent Client Coordinations and Talent Agent Representation, Management, and Services

Talent Client Coordinations and Talent Agent Representation, Management, and Services
Athlete Talent Agent Representation, Management, and Services
Voiceover Media
Entertainment Industry Consulting
Philantrophic Consulting and Legacy Planning

Why SkyVoice?

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  • Diversity and Inclusive including LGBTQIA+ Ally
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